1. The spirit of good sportsmanship is to be followed at all times, in all situations, and by all players, coaches,

managers, and spectators. Swearing or bad language, alcoholic beverages, quarreling with other players, heckling

or harassing of coaches, players or umpires will not be tolerated on the field, bench or other areas reserved for the

game. Inappropriate behavior or actions could result in suspension or other action. If alcoholic beverages are

present, all games will terminate until all alcoholic beverages are eliminated.

2. At the time of registration, boys and girls in grades K-1 T-Ball, 4K will be in its own T-Ball intro league. Brothers and/or sisters in the same league must play on the same team. Late registration will be allowed with a late registration fee imposed depending on team availability. May 15th will be the cut off for late registration. Individual exceptions must be approved by the board.

3. Bases will be 50’ apart for 4K T-Ball, 60' apart for T-Ball. The pitcher’s mound will be measured from the back point of home plate to the front edge of the pitcher’s rubber with a distance of 40’ for 4K T-Ball, 46' for T-Ball.

4. T-Ball games will have a time limit of 1 ¼ hours. Time limits are based on the scheduled start time, not on the actual start time. 

5. 4K T-Ball will play 4 innings, T-Ball will play 5 innings. In the case of rain, lightning, or inclement weather, 4 innings will constitute a game during the regular season. If 4 innings not complete, coaches may agree to reschedule the remainder of the game or call the game complete. If coaches can not agree, the game will be

completed(time limit or innings) from where it left off at an agreeable time.

6. No inning, including extra inning(s), will start with less than 15 minutes remaining in the time allowed for that

game. The next inning starts when the final out is made in the previous inning. This is to prevent stalling. The pitcher is allowed 5 warm-up pitches between innings. Mercy rule does not apply.

7. The home team will set up the diamond, furnish special equipment (Tee, game balls, etc.), and supply the home

plate umpire for T-Ball and Coach Pitch teams. The visiting team will supply the base umpire.

Home plate umpires will be furnished for 10U and above.

8. All batters, runners, players coaching bases and catchers will wear helmets at all times. Catchers must wear full equipment in all leagues except t-ball (chest protector, shin guards, helmet and mask).

9. No metal spikes allowed.

10. Ten players will play in the field, four will be outfielders (no rover). Each team must have a minimum of 8

players to start the game. In leagues other than T Ball, if a team cannot field 9 players, they may pick up rostered

players from any team in the league below them to complete a line-up of 9 players. Opposing coach should be made aware of pick ups prior to game as a courtesy. No game will begin after 15 minutes from the scheduled start time (considered a forfeit). Players eligible to play in the tournament must have played at least 50% of the teams league games(not applicable to players pulled up from lower league). 9 Players will play the field for BFP.

11. All teams must bat all their players present down the roster.

12. When the 8th batter comes up in any inning, there are automatically 2 outs and he or she is the last person who can

score in that inning. The inning is over when the defense gets the third out or the 8th batter crosses the plate.

13. All players will play at least 2 innings (they do not have to be consecutive) for regulations games. If a player arrives late for a game, he or she should be put at the bottom of the batting order.

14. All batters who throw a bat will be called out (no warnings) and the runners cannot advance.

15. Sliding is recommended if there is a play at any base(other than 1st ) and home. Crashing into another player is not permitted. “Crashers” will be called out and a second team offense is game ejection.

16. If a pinch runner is needed for an injured player, it must be the player who made the last out. If a player cannot take a turn at bat, he/she cannot return to the game (and will not be considered an out).

17. Scorebooks are provided to each team. It is strongly advised to confirm the score with the opposing coach after each inning. Home team is responsible for reporting score on website -

18. A coach may not question or protest an umpire’s decision in the case of a judgment. Questions pertaining to rule interpretations must be resolved between both coaches and umpires before play resumes. Umpire decisions are final!

19. Teams will be placed into the tournament schedule by their season record and seeded accordingly in all leagues except tball.

20. Base coaches must be 3' off the bases; defensive coaches must be in dugout.

21. Other than league rules and special league rules, WIAA High School rules will prevail (i.e., no running out of the base line to avoid a tag, sliding is permitted, runners missing a base will be called out by the umpire, infield fly rule, etc.)

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