Coaches are responsible for scheduling practice. Use the link on the right to request field time. During the season, practices are limited to 90 minutes. Weekend practices can be longer. See the how-to PDFs for detailed step-by-step instructions. Practices need to be scheduled by 5PM Sundays for the next two weeks.

All requests need to be in on Sunday before 5:00 pm in order to ensure practice time for the following week.  


-Please expect at least 4 days until your request will be approved.- 

-Please DO NOT put in multiple duplicate requests for dates or fields(on the same day) as this is causing a large delay in scheduling-

If this is a request that needs to happen the next day please feel free to email. You may or may not get approval depending on the availability of the scheduler. 

  1. Choose correct tab for field of choice-You should only practice on the field that you will be playing. If you are requesting a different field the scheduler has the option to move the practice or deny.
  2. Look at calendar below to determine field availability for your correct field.
  • (Field availability is updated every Sunday or more frequently if needed)
  1.  Push tab that states "Schedule field time for _____________"
  2. Fill out google form. Please fill out form entirely
  • (If form is not completely filled out field request will not be accepted)
  1. If request is accepted you will get a verification within 4 business days in email provided on form.
  2. If request is denied you will get an email to modify your request or find a new time and date.
  3. Baseball and Softball Requests will be approved as follows:
  4. Highschool Sports ALWAYS have the ability to cancel any LAYBS event. You may or may not be notified if this happens, Please know that we are trying our best to keep everyone informed as much as possible.
  5. LAYBS Travel ball games- If there is a reschedule of a game and a field is needed all practices on the field will be canceled. 
  6. LAYBS City games- if there is a reschedule of a game and a field is needed all practices on the field will be canceled. 
  7. LAYBS Travel practice- Travel ball will get first approvals for practice fields. 
  8. LAYBS City practice


Canceled games are the responsibility of the coaches to make-up. Coaches should find a date and field that works and request a schedule change by the Director of Scheduling (see contact us). Coaches must contact the umpire and let them know the game was canceled. The director of scheduling will ensure the Director of Officiating finds a new umpire. Coaches are responsible for finding umpires for rescheduled traveling league games. Community League games (Pitching Machine-Fast Pitch) must be made up. Any coach who refuses to make up a game will be charged a loss at the end of the season.

Pending Requests

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